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Janet K.

 I love how versatile the jewelry is! Wearing a funky necklace or ring spices up jeans and simple tee. It makes me feel glamorous!


How We Got Here

Welcome to Dedreajewels Designs! My name is Dedrea Danilov and I am the owner and creator. 

Dedreajewels was created in 2010 as an outlet for my creative self. I have always worked with my hands, mostly in the fiber arts. Even when I worked in an office I would find an outlet; through sewing my clothes, quilting, and creating various home items such as pillows, curtains, ect. 

I have always collected and worn unusual jewelry. In 2010 I retired from my job in dental hygiene and decided to teach myself jewelry fabrication. 

My inspiration comes from the designs and fabrication techniques of ancient times. I love the organic feel and shape that comes with creating something completely by hand. I start with raw materials: wire, sheet metal, natural stones; and then weave, wire wrap, crochet and solder to complete my unique designs. 

My collection varies from simple everyday jewelry to bold statement pieces. I’m constantly on the lookout for new techniques or unusual gemstones to incorporate into my designs. My goal is to create wearable, original jewelry. I work in small collections. I create as ideas  come. Most of my designs are one of a kind and can only be duplicated if I have multiples of the same stones, so if you see something you like you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase it!

Photo credits -  Rainy Day Prosper,

                Models - L. Clarke, M. Danilov


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